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eitle Philosophy

Ever since I was a child wanted to own a pinball machine. In 2002 I made my wish real - more than once. Since my condo got to small for my bigger and bigger collection, there came up the question about the goal.

I decided after a few considerations to alter the dead space above the office from "alles Eitle" in house number 7 in the Grillenhofstraße and to open the Gameroom to the public.

About 12 month later - on November 21st in 2003 - the "Eitle Spielhalle" with pinball machines and pool was opened the first time. Because of customer requests the selection of amusement games was expanded to table soccer and darts. A few month later also arcade racers were made available.

The goal of my game room is, to make pinball machines in good condition open to the public. Since 2009 there is a brand new concept of playing without any coins but to pay per time, so everyone can afford playing pinball - even beginners.

For partys the Gameroom can be rented at any time - also there is a mobile Gameroom - first the "Eitle Spielbus v1", then the " Eitle Spielbus v2" - available if you prefer not to come to us, but we come to your event. For championships there is the "eitle Tournament Mode" ready to be used.

There has been always a none-smoking-enviornment, which means, that machines and players are in good health for a long time in this amusement hall.

After many changes in my privat life I decided to cancel all activitys in the area of amuesment games and cloesd Eitle Spiele in April 2014.

Daniel Schmatz