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Only 2.704 pieces of Bally‘s Cirqus Voltaire where built. With only 2 flippers you have to defeat the Ringmaster again and again to start different multiballs - but realy interesting it will get in the final game. Our machine is in the Flipperkabinett since January 2014.
Also a Stern has to in the Flipperkabinett be here.A pinball machine like no other: first there was the videogame, and then the pinball machine.The youngest in the Flipperkabinett is full of ramps, figures, lights and multiballs. The LED display on the playfield informs you about the current score and the actual countdown.
In the second golden time of pinball, where many pins where buildt after movie themes, there was also a very special one with its own theame: Fish Tales. A genuis machine with enormes fish in the topper, great ideas, lieing fishers, multiballs and the monsterfish.
Angel oder deviel? Wich tells you what to do when you are trapped in the Junk Yard?Anyway, you will meet Spike the Dog and you have to shoot Toasts at him to stay alive, build jaloppies, play with the cran and - of course - use the toilet. Maybe you will go outer space...